Challenge your mind in the wondrous depths of The UnderGarden™. Plunge into a unique new world exploring large underground caverns, encountering mysterious creatures to befriend or avoid. Solve mind-bending brainteasers and puzzles as soothing tunes accompany you on your journey through 20 distinct levels of state of the art 3D graphics. The UnderGarden™ offers a mental challenge and aesthetic experience like nothing else. 


  • The Pick up and Play mechanics utilizes straightforward, accessible controls.

  • Puzzles are physics based, solved by placing grown “fruit” that weighs down levers, or lifts up platforms to allow access to new areas.

  • Environmental puzzles solved by growing exotic plants around the player.

  • The world springs to life with vibrant color and music as the player drifts past dormant seeds.

  • Serene music and audio is threaded within the game to enhance user experience.

  • Progress is driven by player’s own pace, desire to see their effect on the world, and exploration of new environments.

  • First game of its type to offer 2 player co-op play.

  • Casual Zen game design offers 20 different levels, each with a unique look.



Puzzle, Adventure


Playstation 3

Release Date



Artech Studios

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