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Straight from Coin-Op Arcades to your PC comes the fuel soaked, turbo fired, 1 to 4 player arcade action of FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT on Steam launching today 


City of Industry, CA – May 17th - UFO Interactive Games, a division of Tommo, Inc. and a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, announced that FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT, the 4 player Asian COIN-OP hit will debut on Steam today and will also be available at multiple e-commerce game stores including:

FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT is classic arcade style racing over 48 courses set against the cityscapes of Tokyo, Osaka, Shanghai and Beijing. The fast beat never stops with a rich and detailed anime story, classic Time Attack, Mileage Mode, and 2-4 player head-to-head online racing.

Check out the Details:

  • Story Mode: compete with different characters as the story moves on. Players can tune up their cars and add parts if they beat their opponent.

  • Time Attack Mode: players try to finish the course with the fastest time.

  • Mileage Mode: players race for distance before the clock expires.

  • Online Multiplayer Mode: 2 – 4 players head to head racing.

4 Player Mode is Insanity

Find your friends online and challenge them to crazy 2, 3 or 4 player action. With 48 courses to choose from and custom mods – no two races are ever the same!

Choose Your Racer

There are 10 cars in FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT. Each car has a number of options and upgrades – if you win your races!

Has a carefully composed storylines that leads players to become wildly addicted to the game. Each character you meet will be ready to race against you on your tour across asia

Follow the Story

Follow a carefully composed story-line and become wildly addicted to the game. Each character you meet will be ready to race against you on your tour across Asia.

Cities and Tracks

There are total 48 courses set against the backdrop of some of the most beautiful and historic cities in Asia. The sights and sounds of Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai and Beijing give drivers eye popping cityscapes to race in. The courses are open with two-way traffic, so keep your eyes on the road! 

About UFO Interactive Games:

Based in City of Industry, CA, UFO Interactive Games is a division of Tommo, Inc. and is a third party licensee of Nintendo of America, Sony Computer Entertainment America and Microsoft. UFO has a broad fan base for action and shooting games as well as classic brands from Japan.

We strive to bring innovative and exciting titles to the market that appeal to players of all kinds, from the hardcore gamer to the casual player and now children and families.

UFO Interactive Games enjoys long-standing relationships with leading developers in Asia and Europe.

We’re committed to creating and publishing engaging titles that will continue to challenge hardcore gamers, finding new games to entertain casual gamers, and delivering wholesome software to bring families together through play.

About Saint-Fun:

At Saint-Fun, coin-operated video games are our only business. We have developed top hit games all over the world and actively continue to expand our markets and territory.

Our competitive advantage is our local expert staff and resources that allow us to control the manufacture of all our products while maintaining innovation and quality at competitive prices.


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