Save the Underworld! Mamoru wakes up in a strange land with people he’s never seen before after what seemed to be an accident. A girl named Fururu informs him that this is the Underworld, and that it needs the help of everyone there to stop malicious forces from invading!

As an action-packed top-down shooter, Mamorukun Curse! will keep players on the edge of their seat and have them come back for more! Make use of the “Curse Bullet” mechanic to wipe away enemy bullets, curse enemies, or even curse yourself! With multiple characters, costumes, and courses, Mamorukun Curse is sure to please even the most hardcore top-down shooter fans.


  • Explore and purge evil from 12 unique dungeons

  • Beautiful hand drawn artwork done in a traditional style

  • Learn and cast over 150 spells and skills

  • 200 monsters, beasts, and dragons to slay

  • Over 575 items to obtain and aid travelers throughout their dangerous journey




Playstation 3

Release Date



G.Rev and Gulti

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