• Four Different Game Modes – Basic, King, Race, and Random Modes, each with its own unique objectives and challenges

  • Multiplayer Mode – Two players can battle and test each other’s ability to think and react fast. The optional settings offer various modes that change the battle experience giving players a numerous amount of multiplayer functions.

  • Random Puzzle Generator – No two games will ever be the same!

  • Multiple Characters – Choose from 4 unique sisters along with a secret unlockable character



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Joyfulstar Inc

Play as one of four magical sisters as you battle to conquer your territory for the chance to play against the ultimate puzzle master! Utilize unique special moves, power-ups, and combos to get one step closer to becoming the champion! 

Choose Your Character

Each Sister goes head to head

with unique skills.

When the Bomb Drops

Activating bombs will unclaim tiles and randomize colors. 

Strategic Special Powers

Use stars to activate tactical skills or save them up for the ultimate skill.

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